Our Full Moon and New Moon T-shirt designs take an artistic spin on the runic Oding calendar.

It begins around the Winter Solstice with the rune Othala ᛟ, followed by Dagaz ᛞ and Ingwaz ᛜ, which are shortened to “Oding”, much like the word “alphabet” derives from the first two Greek letters.

In the Oding calendar, each of the 24 runes represents a new moon and a full moon throughout the year, which makes for an accurate fit with several ancient Germanic, Celtic, and even Greek festivals.

Each rune represents the time of year within which its moon occurs quite accurately, and thereby helps us to remember and prepare for religious festivals, cultural events, and milestones in the agricultural year as well.

The New Moon design brandishes those runes associated with new moon events, while the Full Moon design represents the remaining runes, which occur when the moon is full again.
They are arranged around a representation of the world tree, flanked by a man and a woman, with a wyrm winding around its roots, and a rooster on its top.

Together, the two designs are like two sides of the same coin, and form a whole, akin to the taoist concept of yin and yang.


Source: Hess, Gerhard: Oding-Wizzod. Gottesgesetz und Botschaft der Runen, Munich 1993




We use a runic calendar to keep up with the sacred times and festivals of each season, so that our observance of them organically aligns with the rhythm of nature.

As you can see in the illustration, the calendar is lunisolar, which means that it takes into account both the phases of the moon and the solar year (solstices, equinoxes).

Each of the 24 runes represents either a new moon or a full moon. 

The runes are arranged in a circle, which begins at the bottom, with the rune Othala ᛟ (a new moon), at the time around the winter solstice.

To stay as closely as possible to the "ideal" year as shown in the calendar wheel, occasionally a leap moon has to be inserted wherever it disturbs the most important festivals the least.

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